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Individual Session


This Training is aimed at creating knowledge and ability, allowing those who frequent it to train their perception and to have the maximum benefits from the use of the Terra Tachyon items.
It will be a path of personal growth and expansion of the understanding and  the consciousness that will help the participants in their spiritual journey and energetic evolution.
This path is necessary, then, to accompany other people in the choice of the object that is more suited to personal needs and characteristics as well as giving useful indications of use.
It is possible to become a distributor of the products

You will receive a set of 6 Terra Tachyon Products for your experience (items and shipment included in the price)
Certification: At the end of the training, you obtain a certificate as practitioner and/or distributor
Support : we will provide tecnical support for the webinar connection and logistic support after the training.
We will aslo provide all the support you will need using Terra Tachyon Products.
What Kryon says about Tachyons: 
QUESTION: Dear Kryon: What do you think about Tachyon Energy? Does the tachyonization process play a role in future science, medicine, and meditation?

ANSWER: Yes, all of the above and more. Tachyon Energy cannot be placed in a box and separated from other interdimensional energies, yet it is specific. Call it the "lurking, benign, energy of the Universe." It's always there and can be focused (placed in objects), but "feels" like a friend who will help when you need him.
When you feel the energy of a crystal, or perhaps some gemstones, they all have powerful specific energy that's helpful for specific purposes. Tachyon is one of the only energies in this "energy soup" that tunes itself to you to allow for balance. The whole function of Tachyon is to enhance your life and allow other energies to do their work. So it's a very quiet energy and will "steer" itself to your energy and "know" how to help you, no matter what's going on.
Those who have found ways of placing Tachyon into glass and other materials give you an opportunity to carry this around with you in a more specialized way. This will eventually lead to the inclusion of things scientific and medical, for when you realize that Tachyon's purpose is to "set the stage," you begin to see how it would be needed in all things.
Remember, you are all in a quantum state. Your reality doesn't see it that way, since you feel that you are singular. But you are instead, "connected." This allows for energies like Tachyon to exist and "know" who you are.

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