Tachyon energy available to be used in what you need.




The donuts they are helping the body in its solid dimension concrete matter, and have an overall effect on energy protective aura.

Tree of life

Help to discover our potential and connect with the energy of the stars

Star ring

The star ring harmonizes the cosmic influences on the human, is very suitable for the  astrological use.


The spheres strengthen the body and mind and help you to live in the here and now


Cones help the body to foster his own healing ability, helps to relief the pain and release blockages.


The pyramids, they combine the energy of the pyramid shape with the Tachyon. Its main task is to remember.


Tachyon silks for wellness in travel, therapeutic work and to regenerate energy


The Crystal Heart helps the reawakening of our integrity and our perception of oneness.

Star Sun

The StarSun represents the connection between the body and the galactic forces; favors the individual capacity to create and observe the creative process consciously

Others Tachyons

Other tachyon pieces for different uses

Books Tachyon

Learn more about Tachyon in the works written by the creators of Terra Tachyon, its origin and the best ways to use them according to your needs

Events Tachyon

Tachyon Events are the best opportunity to experience the different shapes and colors tachyon with expert guidance to help you get familiar with them.

Seminar in CASTELLANO translated into ITALIAN Terra Tachyon Intensive training (limited number).  Personal or Professional _ therapist, teachers, healers etc... _ Deep exploration of the tachyonic field and how to use it. No requisit to attend the Training.

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