Terra Tachyon Products for Your Daily Routine …
Our Tachyon products offer a kind of energy which helps you to better and more effortlessly create your daily routine, to recognize your goals more clearly, and to become more content. The Tachyon energy, which is not visible to most of us, surrounds all products as a ”field of energy”. As you use t...

Terra Tachyon Products for Your Daily Routine …
Our Tachyon products offer a kind of energy which helps you to better and more effortlessly create your daily routine, to recognize your goals more clearly, and to become more content. The Tachyon energy, which is not visible to most of us, surrounds all products as a ”field of energy”. As you use this Tachyon energy, your body and everything else that belongs to you receives as much energy as needed at the moment, not more. Therefore, forms of overexertion do not take place which would be disturbing and tiring.
In general we can say that Tachyon energy has a balancing, regenerating and supporting effect. So Tachyons can not only be used for physical applications but also for working on emotional and spiritual issues. Whatever you personally would like to change or support, understand or create, Tachyon energy is at your service for that. The more frequently you wear a pendant or use other Terra Tachyon products, the quicker and more effortless results may be achieved.

… for Your Development of Consciousness and Your Spiritual Growth

We welcome you to the experience of Tachyon energy! This energy travels through universes and is able to make new worlds accessible to you: your own world; the world of our fellow human beings; and the world of spiritual guides. Tachyons are also an energy that have a kind of consciousness which can be recognized, understood, and even one you can ask for help.

All humans long to be very close to their souls and to express and to live their full potential in this world. During these times our soul-structures often need support of a special kind in order to solve energetic ”knots”, to allow spiritual changes, and to help answer personal questions about our spiritual paths.

So we introduce to you our Tachyon products not only under aspects of physical applications but also from the perspective of spiritual growth. Terra Tachyon products can serve as companions on your personal path, and also into the reality of this day-to-day world.

An appeal to self responsibility!

Terra Tachyon products are not ‘classical medicinal’ products. They do not ”remove” things from people as a painkiller appears to do.

Terra Tachyon products are not a substitute for a visit to the doctor or healer. The Terra Tachyon products help in the sense that they offer support. Each person is responsible for his or her own life and decisions.




Alchemist arrow

Alchemist arrow: Supports clearity and becoming still and focused to do whatever you want to do. Hanging it  in a room, a window or into the car supports your awareness what is going on. Used on the body or pointing and moving it above the body has the same effect: to trigger your awareness.


You are a soul, an energetic beeing who is residing in a home which is called the body. To take care of the body is one major job each of you is doing during the day – consciously or unconsciously. All the sizes of the Donuts support you doing that.


Small: this Donut is the most intensive one. Good to directly place on spots of the body which you wish to support or take care of. If you  place the little spiral towards the body you create an even intensified effect.


Medium: this size of Donut is for people who like it the easy way. Care about the body but without a focus on it. This Donut is a pendant for the entire day – soft and supporting. Because of it’s softness ideal for children.


Large: this Donut could be used for conscious work with the body. Ideal to place on certain spots while meditating, during a message or relaxing after sports. The effect intensifies with the spiral towards the body.


Donuts, Chakra Set: Chakra colours are rainbow colours. Maybe humans love rainbows because they are a symbolic reflection of the ideal state of the Chakras. Recommendation: use two to three Donuts and place them between the Chakras you’d like to balance. The subtle movement and rhythm of the Chakras will tune into the Tachyon energy right away.


A cone which represents that somebody is at home. You are at home living in your body, making yourself comfortable in the body structure in/of it’s various levels. Holding the tipp towards the body stimulates very small areas very intensly – good for different kinds of therapies. (In the little opening you can fill essences or remedies).

The Philosophers Stone

Alchemical symbols represent and hold part of the power of the alchemists procedures and substances. The Philosophers Stone is for contemplating your body wisdom, the inherent force which gives life to your body, and to support and honor it. A daily meditation of 20 minutes is recommended while placing your hands near the cube. As an object of art (with lighted base) it is an inspiring energetic object to just look at and relax.


Pyramids are an old shape and symbol of humanity. In a way they remind us that earth is a place in heaven.

Small: With the small clear ones you could easily create neutral vortexes in rooms.

Large: The large Pyramids reflect our connection and maybe addiction to certain cultures and regions of the earth. Sometimes you feel attracted to a culture/region – meditating with a large Pyramid could help you to find out more. (Each colour is linked to a spezial culture/region).

Cosmic Pyramid

This type of pyramid is good for conscious use. Through it’s shape it reminds you not to get stuck in life but to allow yourself to be flexible and creative. This is a good tool to support change – with meditation or placing your own data under the pyramid. Nice and neutral for rooms in refreshing the atmosphere.

EMF Pyramid

This is the Cosmic Pyramid with the logo of the EMF Balancing Technique inside. Days after an EMF session you can meditate while holding this pyramid and become aware of your electromagnetic field with all it’s possibilties again.


The silk, no matter what size, helps to comfort and to protect you. Silk in general has e very long tradition in making clothes. This natural material doesn’t disturb the electromagnetic field of the body like many of the synthetic fabrics. It supports your ability to stay centered and calm. Very good to create a good sleep and nice dreams during times of traveling.

The silk cord is loved by children of all ages and is very soft in it’s effect.


They represent something very familiar: the earth. Sometimes you don’t like to be on earth – because of bad experiences, traumata or situations  which seem to overwhelm you. Holding one Sphere between your hands or one in each hand support you in releasing traumata, bad experiences and to find back to a better life on earth. The small one is a little bit more intense then the large. They also support grounding and focused awareness.


Planets, stars, stellar objects and galaxies symbolize different qualities of energies as you can find in ancient myths of the world. The Starrings could remind you that you are a real cosmic beeing who lives here on earth at the moment. Worn as a pendant during the day the Starring can provide you with deep insights about the origins of your perception, behaviour and conditioning.

Starring, Cosmic set: each day of the week is supported by a special star quality – you Are reflecting some qualities - explore yourself!


Starring, Yin-Yang set: the black Starring as feminine power and the white as masculine lead you to more awareness and balance of your inner female and male aspects.

Recommendation: for balance hold one Starring in each hand (women: the black in the right hand / men: the black in the left hand).

Tree of Life

This very old symbol out of the Kabbalah was designed in a 3-D-shape. Humanity loves trees of all kinds. You may even think of the tree-like shapes in your brain which are called Neurons. Trees of Life in general have to do with the probability of your personal creation and finding your spiritual path.

Tree of Life, Planetary Set: each planet of the solar system is associated with a certain quality and colour. This set combines the shape and it’s meaning with these planetary reflections – one Tree of Life for each day.


Tree of Life, Transformation Set: the black Tree of Life represents and supports deep insight and transformation. The white one action. In this set they support and initiate personal transformation on deep levels.

Recommendation: wear one each day and then change it with the other one.


You have a kind of wand in your body: the spine. The condition and position of the spine are essential for the whole body. And as a beside effect also for your personal evolution because the Chakras are connected to the spine at the front and on your back. Holding the Starwand vertically between your hands supports the erection of the spine. Holding it horizontal supports to synchronize the left and right hemisphere of the brain. It’s special function is to clean the energetic bodies around you while moving it around the body in a certain distance.


Water is everywhere – in the sky, in lakes, rivers and oceans, in the human body and in the earth. And it comes out of the tab. Most of the tab water has no energetic quality – it is just the formula of water. The Hydrolixx refreshes and regenerates water energetically. The best way is to fix it on the main Leitung to provide you everywhere you have and need water in your home with energized water. Special: the Hydrolixx can be worn at the body to energize and cleanse your body liquids.


Electrical storms in the sky as well as in the brain are natural and well known. Artificial electricity which is generated for modern machines and life in general is different from biological electricity. Electromagntic fields around engines, cables and devices can interefere with the human body and it’s energetic system and may cause exhaution. The Electrixx was designed to enhance the qualitiy of artificial electricity in your home or office. It is place on the fuse box or the circuit breakers.


Sound is one of the essences of humans (sound is one of the essential things for humans). Everywhere on earth you’ll find rhythm and sound, singing and enjoying to play instruments. The Harmonixx is able to enhance the row of overtones in music and to make them accessable for the body. Music therapy has a long tradition and supports regeneration on various levels. You can use the Harmonixx on loudspeakers as well as on musical instruments.


Visible light is a small part of a wide spectrum of frequencies. What we call colours are parts of visible light. Actually the colour you can see (the red apple f.e.) is a reflection. The molecules of the apple absorb all frequencies, only what we call „red“ is reflected. A white object reflect all frequencies/ all colours and appears as white. A black object absorbs all frequencies/colours, reflects none and appears as black.


Red: colour of earthly and bodily power (1. Chakra)


Orange: colour of creative awareness, sexual expression and joy (2. Chakra)


Yellow: colour of moods and unclear emotions, associated with the Solar Plexus (3. Chakra)


Green: colour of emotional awareness, kindness and a balanced heart. Also good for relaxation on different levels (4. Chakra)


Light Blue: colour of easy self-expression and self-recognition. Associated with balance of the neck and shoulder area (5. Chakra)


Sapphire Blue: colour for inner peace, freedom and awareness. Associated with an increased activity of the brain in order to balance it  (6. Chakra)


Amethyst: colour of consciousness and the path to be aware of consciousness everywhere (7. Chakra)


Gold-Topaz: colour of abundance which shows up in possibilities of various situations and levels.


Pink: colour of heaven on earth or the divine daily life. Associated with commingle soul, mind and matter.


Aqua: colour of curious awareness and expanded communication in a global way. Associated with mingling heart and brain qualities.


Opal: colour for diving into the invisible to perceive it’s essence and make it visible. Associated with the beginning of creative processes.


White: colour of the power to act, to react and to response in a self-responsible way. Associated with the conscious process of beeing the observer.


Crystal-clear: colour for cleaning, clearing and releasing shadows and chronical problems. Associated with the purity of diamonds and therefore with the purity of the self.


Lilac: colour for new opportunities, possibilities, probabilities and discoveries. Associated with joyfull change of various levels.


Red-Gold: colour for the subconscious power in everyone – to be recognized and directed well in order to evolve as a multi-dimensional beeing (only with the Starrings)


Black: colour of conscious transformation and creation. Associated with the fullfilled emptyness all matter was born of/from.

Seminar in CASTELLANO translated into ITALIAN Terra Tachyon Intensive training (limited number).  Personal or Professional _ therapist, teachers, healers etc... _ Deep exploration of the tachyonic field and how to use it. No requisit to attend the Training.

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