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What is Tachyon energy?
According to Tachyon Code 1 this energy moves 1.28 times faster than the speed of light. When described as a particle, it is able to create or behave in field patterns also. T plus, T minus and T zero are three attributes or aspects which make it possible to describe or even define the possibilities of Tachyon fields.

Tachyon energy is one type of energy of an immense quantity of energies, which are present in our universe and other universes.


What are Tachyon products?

Tachyon products are material objects, which are able to attract Tachyon energy. We can say that these products observe Tachyons in order to invite them. A quality of Terra Tachyon products is their ability to interact with humans, animals, plants and places. These products respect the choice of the user, giving them only the amount of energy they need.


Why are these products called Terra Tachyon products?

Martina Bochnik and Tommy Thomsen were the first people in Europe, at the beginning of the 90s, who were deeply interested in the spiritual background of the energy. Terra Tachyon was the general title for the work with Tachyon energy on Earth and also the title of the first book. In this book the principles of the energy were described for the very first time. (Terra Tachyon, the first book is now part of Tachyon Code 1). The goal has been and will be to fundamentally explore Tachyon energy, which seems to hide behind the barrier of the speed of light.


About us

Martina Bochnik has been working with Tachyon energy since 1992. She began creating her own products in 1996. Ever since, she has been exploring, teaching and writing books with her partner Tommy Thomsen, who died in summer 2008.She is constantly working on new products, teachings and books – exploring ever more deeply the possibilities of Tachyon energy. Her activities lead her all around the world to invite everybody to experience and to explore this very new energy.