Activator DNA (sphere)


Activator supports reprogramming of DNA. energy is an instrument that serves also for meditation.
  Transparent glass sphere with the DNA helix laser engraved.

Size: Ø 100 mm ( with box )

You can use it in your living space, work space or on your bedside table while sleeping. You can actively meditate with the Activator and connect with clarity with the original plan of your soul. When you return to the Source, you can express your intention more precisely. (one after the other). The Activator is for personal use as well as for group, family, ... use. After using the Activator for 1 or 2 weeks of meditation and feeling, we suggest that you express, energize the intention you choose and pay attention to all feelings, mental structures, sensations, thoughts, automatic movements. that may appear. After that, focus again on your intention, your decision or what you want to change and notice again all the feelings, thoughts, feelings, etc. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to obtain a clear feeling, intuition or conviction. that you just reach the point where you focus. Intention is the important point to activate. More than the intention, the activator will help you strengthen your willpower (I do) and stay focused on what you want (I decide). You will manage your areas of attention and direct the flow to the potential that interests you most. By strengthening all layers of your DNA, the Activator will help you reach the limitless potential within you, the memories, the gifts and the talents you have acquired in previous or similar lives. It is a powerful tool that must be used wisely.


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