Stargate Sphere




The energy that crosses the energy continuum comes from a single Source.
In India, it's called the Divine Mother. Christianity calls it the Holy Spirit and, in many spiritual teachings of the modern New Age, it is called cosmic energy.
Modern physics calls this zero energy or free energy.

Tachyon energy, just like the Body of Light, is a perfect and complete form that we can access to return to a purer state.
It is enough to be exposed to the field of tachyon energy to feel its effects.

Therefore, SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE can easily be held and kept in your field for maximum benefit.
Each TACHYON STARGATE SPHERE is both a receiver and a transmitter.
As you may know, the Stargate is very powerful in itself.
The SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE is even more powerful because the main work of Tachyon Energy is to potentiate and strengthen.
Not necessarily in terms of frequency but also in its way of making the field of resonance clearer and more precise.

There are many ways to work with your SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE.
The first thing to consider is that SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE resonates with your consciousness.
It is therefore good to start by connecting with your inner energy.
then SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE will activate your personal portal.

TACHYON STARGATE SPHERES are activated by your intention, which does not require intense effort, but on the contrary, simply focus on attention and intention.
No Stargate experience is ever the same. And each individual works in his own way.
For most people, it takes a while to tune, align and acclimatize with your Stargate personal portal.
Many people like to sleep with the SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE near the head - others like to place it on their body, or hang it up and sit under it.
Experiment in the way that suits you best.
If you use it as part of your healing practice, there are also many possibilities.

Before working with a client, we suggest you take a moment to connect to the SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE and set your intention for the session.

Then the mere fact of having it in the room will create a field of energy through which the benevolent beings will be able to operate.

Note that the TACHYON STARGATE SPHERE will act indefinitely as an antenna for Tachyon energy, will bring you Tachyon energy all the time AND will stabilize the connection with Stargate energy.
SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE has the property to put things in order, to activate the power to heal, to balance and to harmonize the energies,
to increase the frequency of the physical and energetic bodies and to clean and protect the aura of negative energies.
It can also be used to improve therapies.
The SPHERE TACHYON STARGATE has an effect of connection with the Earth and opening of the heart.

Personal TACHYON STARGATE SPHERE is made from pure glass.
the size is 10 cm in diameter on a base.

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