Transmutation of old patterns, reborn from ashes
(phoenix energy).
Amplify the power of pure intention.

Height 12 cm. Delivered in its box.

The Tetrachyon, the tachyonized tetrahedron of Terra Tachyon.

The tetrahedron is the base of the Merkhaba, formed by 2 inverted tetrahedrons creating a tetrahedral star. It is the vehicle of Light of the physical body in the biblical and esoteric tradition.
(Cf Drunvalo Melchizedek)
The Tetrahedron (associated with the tachyon energy) is composed of four faces which are equilateral triangles.

The tetrahedron is a three-dimensional symbol of balance and stability because each side is flat, no matter how it is turned. It represents the element of fire and symbolizes light and heat. It is also related to physical movement and action. It allows a perfect alignment between earth and sky. It radiates energy and unties energy knots.

Our Tetrachyon acts as an antenna for tachyon particles.
Thanks to the wave form created by this particular geometry, it amplifies the vital energy and facilitates an Earth/Sky connection.
It allows to multiply the effects of our intention. For this it is necessary to be clear and anchored.

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