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                                    - alquimist arrow

                                    - big sphere red

                                    - green cone

                                    - cosmic pyramid

                                    - small donut yellow

                                    - big tree of life cristal

                                    - big piramid cristal

                                    - starring topaze

                                    - medium donuts opal, white, cristal

                                    - heart grey

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Decalogue for the current time:

As our planet is going through major energetic changes, all structures and institutions are shaking on their foundations. Consciousness rises towards greater clarity, truth and love as it sweeps away what does not vibrate at this frequency. As a result we find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of events and experiences that destabilize us.
However, we need resilience and reliance.

Here are 10 essentials tips to help you stay upright in the storm.

For each essential point on the list, we suggest the use of a Terra Tachyon item that will support your practice.

Stay in silence every day for a while:

Make some time alone, without phone, tablet or computer in a quiet place, and do nothing. Let it be.

If you are in a process with one of our Terra Tachyons objects, take the time to review your last 24 hours and become aware of the events in relation to the initial intention of the current process.

Terra Tachyon suggestion: Alchemist Arrow or Cosmic Pyramid

Being in nature, walking, breathing: It is among nature that we can experience the greatest resonance with the tachyon particles field. Walking on the earth anchors us, reconnects us with the essential part of ourselves. Be present to what surrounds you, marvel at what you see, feel Love and Gratitude for flowers, trees, insects, sounds and the passing of the seasons.

Terra Tachyon suggestion: Any red Terra Tachyon object

Take care of yourself:
Take care of yourself and do what makes you happy, what makes you feel alive and safe.
Choose healthy, alive and simple food. Spend time cooking for yourself and your family and eat in peace. Take a warm bath.
Practice yoga, chi gong, tai chi, or some other  method that reconciles you with your body. Treat yourself to a massage.

Terra Tachyon suggestion: Sphere or  Big Donut Orange

Take the time to complete the psychological processes underway :
Now is the time to sort out the personal stories that hold us back and consume our attention and energy. Think about what weighs you down and take the necessary actions: forgive, say thank you, come to terms or walk away. Get help from a therapist if necessary.

Terra Tachyon suggestion: Set opal/white/crystal clear  in Donut or Tree of Life , DNA  Activator

Create a pleasant and harmonious interior: Get rid of unnecessary things, things you don't like from your home. Have one or more green plants and take care of them. Surround yourself with whatever makes you joyful.

Terra Tachyon suggestion:   Philosopher’s Stone  or  Star Wand

Caring for your relationships:

Take the time to talk to your friends, to share what is essential for you. Create a network of people who have an affinity with your beliefs. Donate your time. Listen.

Terra Tachyon suggestion: Tachyon Heart, any color

Choose what you want to let in (from the outside):
Just as we wouldn't let a malicious, negative individual get into our home, sort out the information you read or listen to. Do not pollute your mind. Don't let fear take hold of you. Discrimine.

Terra Tachyon suggestion: Big Donut Sapphire or Alchemist Arrow or Tree of Life crystal clear

Express your emotions when they arise: Because we live in tumultuous and uncertain times, our emotions tend to go up and down. Accept this and allow yourself to express your emotions, to let go, to surrender without judgment to sadness, anger, frustration, fear. By releasing these energies in this way, you lighten up and create more inner space for calm, centeredness, love and gratitude and more available attention to create what you prefer.

Terra Tachyon suggestion : Any yellow Terra Tachyon object

Let go of limiting thought patterns and fears: Each fear is connected to an identity and each identity is a construction of our ego which does not know that we are all divine and powerful. Embrace fear. Be aware that within you resides unsuspected resources of creativity and strength.

Terra Tachyon suggestion: Star Ring, any topaz color object

Have a daily practice of connecting with Universal Source, God, All That Is, every day. Gratitude and Appreciation:

Through meditation, mantras, and prayer, relate to the larger space or world of which you are a part. Express gratitude and appreciation for all that you are, for all that is in your life now.

Terra Tachyon suggestion: Pyramid or any amethyst color object

Know that you are never alone or separated.

Know that it is by raising your vibration that you contribute the most to the healing of the planet

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