Healthy Boundaries

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Healthy Boundaries

Very often in our life, we have a hard time setting healthy boundaries.

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Healthy Boundaries

Very often in our life, we have a hard time setting healthy boundaries.

We have been taught to be kind and well-mannered at the cost of expressing our true emotions. Being who we really are is not recommended in the Judeo-Christian education.  Even as children, the freedom to move, explore, ask or express oneself were often not accepted and encouraged.

Two basic core beliefs were instilled in us:
- I’m not good enough as I naturally am,  so I have to be polished and I have to push myself to adapt to society and be accepted.
- I do not have the ability to decide for myself; external authorities know best what is good for me.

We are left oscillating between two positions:   One is anger and the desire to fight to expand the space we call identity but it comes with the risk of invading the personal space of others (abuser); The other position is submission and helplessness where we tend to let others invade our personal space, giving away our power, a power we are not in touch with (victim of abuse).

Both positions are sterile because they imply war and suffering within ourselves and with others.

In reality, only the connection with our Essence allows us to be sovereign. As soon as we empower ourselves to shed social conditioning and express what is true for us, we are actually establishing healthy boundaries. We come out of the war while allowing others to energetically reorganise themselves towards their own truth and their connection with themselves.

If you feel in this situation, I advise you to start by clarifying your intentions according to what makes you vibrate, with what makes you feel alive. The Terra Tachyon objects that will support you in establishing healthy boundaries are light blue and yellow, related respectively to the throat chakra and the solar plexus.

You could choose one of the following combinations:
- A Yellow Tree of Life to activate the potential of a balanced sense of self + a small clear blue donut to support personal expression.
- A medium or large yellow donut to balance your sense of self + a clear blue Tree of Life to activate your potential for clear expression.
- A Lapis lazuli heart and/or topaz heart with their respective intentions.

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The purpose is to establish healthy and fluid limits in the relationship with yourself and with others.

Experiment and give yourself time to navigate towards a broader and more serene identity.

If you need, we are here to support you

Terra Tachyon Team


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