The tree of life has its origins in ancient wisdom and symbolizes a world view that explains life’s interconnections. According to the Kabblah, the tree of life represents the creation of the world and creative processes in general.

The tachyon tree of life gently strengthens mental and spiritual processes and the user’s overall potential. The product strengthens the etheric body, which in turn strengthens the physical body, provides energetic protection and begins acting where the user is now or helps the user deal with major problems.

Specific applications:    Use for gentle strengthening of the physical and
ethereal bodies (in accordance with the color classifications) by placing the product on the body or holding it.
Duration of use:        10-30 minutes

Helpful hint:    >    promotes consciousness expansion, good for meditation
                      >    highly beneficial for therapy or counseling sessions
Other applications:     balancing of specific physical and mental abilities

Tree of life, large
Colors: 1-14, 16        Height: approximately 2.5 inches  
The large tree of life is worn as a pendant. Since it has a much gentler effect than the small tree of life, it is suitable for daily use.
Mode of action:    broad areas, extremely gentle
General use:    wear as pendant or carry in a pocket
Duration of use:    As needed

Helpful hint:    >    Provides energetic protection in ambiguous situations (the sapphire blue tree of life is recommended)

Tree of life, small
Colors: 1-14, 16        Height: approximately 2 inches
The small tree of life has a more potent effect than the large version and should therefore be used carefully and at first for limited periods only.
Mode of action:    broad areas, very potent
General use:    Hold the product in your hand, carry it in a pocket or adhesive-tape it to your body using skin-friendly tape
Duration of use:    As needed (if you’re working with tachyons for the first time, use the product 30-60 minutes daily for the first 4-7 days)

Helpful hint:    >    Strengthens specific chakra regions


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