The pyramids combine the power of an ancient geometric shape with tachyon energy. The main purpose of the pyramids is to enable users to dive in the depths of their memory. All of the pyramid sizes are beneficial for spirituals and psychological therapy sessions.

Pyramids, large
Dimensions: approximately 1 5/8 inches (at base)

Each pyramid color is associated with a specific theme:

  • green: Atlantis, the British Isles;
  • topaz gold: Mayan culture, Egypt;
  • turquoise: the Pacific Ocean -Lemuria;
  • crystal clear: Orion;
  • lilac: the Eridanus star system.
  • Pink: oriental civilizations

The large pyramid helps us to recall specific geographic regions and is ideal for extensive meditation or body work.
Mode of action:    broad surface, potent
General use:    Hold the product in your hand or place it on your body
Duration of use:    As needed

Specific applications:    Holding the product in your hand promotes mind
travel and emotional release
Duration of use:        30-60 minutes

Other applications:     When used as a decorative element, the pyramid
enhances your capacity of focus

Pyramids, small
Dimensions: approximately 1 inch
The small pyramid can help the spirit to visit other planes so that the user can seek out and integrate information from their past. The inverted pyramid inside the base of the product serves as an energy intensifier.

Mode of action:    gentle
General use:    Hold the pyramid in your hand and allow your thoughts
to become harmonious
Duration of use:    As needed

Specific applications:    To activate memories about the origins of
humankind, hold the product in your hand or place it on your body while in a supine position
Duration of use:        30-60 minutes

Helpful hint:  gently strengthens the chakras  -   Enhances meditation

Other applications:     Placing a pyramid in each corner of a room
creates energy vortices that strengthen and clear the energy in the space


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