This twelve-wave glass column is an energetic tool that merges, synchronizes and reconciles the left and right sides of the brain. The star wand is helpful for meditation and active wishing and visualization, and promotes gentle alignment of the spinal column.

Mode of action:    very potent
Product use:    

  • Hold the product crossways between your hands to balance the two halves of your body.
  • Holding the product lengthwise between your hands aligns the spinal column.

Duration of use:    10-30 minutes

Helpful hint:   

  • Place the star wand in the center of a room to purify its energies.
  • Highly beneficial for use in medicinal therapy and psychological counseling settings

Other applications:     The star wand expunges unwelcome thoughts and emotions as well as forms of energy that are draining. To smooth out your aura, rotate the star wand on its axis in front of you and behind you, and then wave it up and down from your head to your feet.

Length approximately 9.5 inch


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