The Terra Tachyon
Guiding Hearts
A new tool to expand
love and compassion
in every aspect of our life.
Up Your Hearts!

The 13 + 1 Guiding Hearts surround you with the energy of love and compassion and softly bring you to a greater consciousness and perspective about reality.
The inherent perfection of the heart shape makes this symbol a universal shape beyond cultural differences, to represent feelings, the energy of love, spiritual and religious devotion.

The purpose of the Tachyon heart offered in 12 different colors + the crystal one is to help and expand the energy of love and compassion in every facet of our life. Based on love and compassion, each action, thought and word that we express strengthen our very essence of a spiritual Being
gifted with a group of cells organized by the force of cohesion that joins all systems, from molecules to galaxies : Love.
All our cells are built, organized and maintained in their perfect cohesion thanks to the creative power of love.

Living and emanating Love aligns us with the great cosmic flow of life. When we move away from love, we close ourselves and we limit ourselves within creations that we don’t want to experience.
When we love ourselves and we emanate love, we are actually able to heal ourselves.

The work with the Tachyon heart establishes an energetic basis of love, from which you will be able to gracefully handle life situations that are not aligned with your true essence. You will encourage the wish to change, to evolve and to grow, the wish to become self-responsible and autonomous as well as to trust your own creative strength. With the support of the Tachyon heart, you can softly let go of resistances and embrace a greater acceptance of life as it is.

The 13 + 1 Guiding Hearts are inner aspects of your own Being. They are not outside of you. They are living forces which we call upon to give every day another step on the path of self development, freedom and creation of a fraternal world, celebrating life.
We propose the meditation of the 13 + 1 guiding-hearts as a tool for inner unification and union with each other.

The 13 + 1 Guiding Hearts
Each color holds the energy of a mineral and its most outstanding qualities for the current period of transformation on this planet. The mineral energy is important to remind us that we are evolving here and now and that we are invited to honor our planet in all its diversity.
The meanings of each color are designated precisely to combine with Tachyon energy and sublimate the processes of change.
If you want to know more about tachyons Hearts and their effects, ask us or go to download the Hearts PDF.


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