Human beings are cosmic in nature. The star rings narrow the distance between ourselves and stars, planets,...
so that we can benefit from and counterbalance their properties. All of the colors associated with the stars have symbolic meanings in other
cultures that provide insight into the history of humankind.
Many people need time to warm up to the star rings. Understanding them takes time, and the amount of time required varies from person
to person according to their developmental path. So you should be patient with yourself and allow yourself the pleasure and excitement
of experimenting with the star rings.

Planets, suns, solar systems and their attendant colors

North Star red
Significance: The “driver” of magnetism; the gestalt
Function: fluid force and biochemical reactions

Mars orange
Significance: lost wisdom; the “silver cord,” the flaming moon
Function: intracellular development, building bridges of strength

Moon yellow
Significance: reflection of force; disruptive forces
Function: melts down the shield, transformation of disruptive structures.

Vega green
Significance: harmonizer of the eras; the eternal rhythm
Function: growth via natural rhythms

Sirius light blue
Significance: awareness
Function: numerous messages in spaces

Aldebaran sapphire
Significance: guardian of the gate
Function: balanced communication on various levels

Alpha draconis amethyst
Significance: a spiritual gateway that needs to be opened; the
dynasty of hidden people/men
Function: connecting the brain with lost knowledge; the crystal flame

Sun topaz gold
Significance: the biological, physical and spiritual force of
manifestation and destruction
Function: balancing of all forces

Alpha Centauri pink
Significance: black harmony, decisions regarding the unknown
Function: going beyond the bounds of binary thinking; trust

Betelgeuse turquoise
Significance: misunderstood transformations, manipulationFunction: getting rid of misunderstood patterns; waves

Orion opal
Significance: transformation; the other side
Function: working with invisible realms

Center of the universe white
Significance: power of the etheric; the nucleus
Function: creation of all types of templates (DNA)

Pleiades crystal clear
Significance: protection; gaining insight into various forces
Function: letting go of things that are unclear

Venus lilac
Significance: empress of the ages
Function: bringing old cycles into new pathways

Milky Way reddish gold
Significance: our home galaxy, direct orientation
Function: maintaining the forces within one’s own system (very large or small systems)

Birth of the cosmos black
Significance: feminine material, the beginning
Function: finding one’s own primary materials


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