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Happy candlemas!



The name of this festival, "Candlemas", has a Latin origin: the festa candelarum, (or "festival of candles") expression in which we find candela, which means candle. The Celts celebrated Imbolc on February 1st. This rite in honor of the goddess Brigit celebrated purification and fertility after winter. The peasants carried torches and walked through the fields in procession, praying the goddess to purify the earth before sowing.

The pancakes with their round shape and their golden color would remind the Sun, finally back after the winter night, which would explain why we make pancakes at Candlemas, a time of year when the days get longer, faster and faster. It was also around this time of year that the winter sowing began. The excess flour was therefore used to make these pancakes, which are a symbol of prosperity for the year to come.

February, on the other hand, takes its name from the Latin verb februare which means "to purify". For this reason Christianity would have placed the feast of the Purification of the Virgin at this time. The purification in question is that of coming out of the “winter darkness”. (candelaria)

It is a moment of regeneration. It is the time where all the terrestrial energies invite you to come out of the darkness and renew your internal forces to manifest light and prosperity.
Take advantage of this time to foster internal strength for your rebirth.

Use the Terra Tachyon Red Heart. It symbolizes the beginning - It is the dispenser, of Life, fire and courage.

Happy candlemas!



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